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11 Excellent Automotive Tips That Will Help Keep More Cash In Your Pocket

Paying a little bit to keep your car in good shape is well worth the money. Changing the oil and rotating the tires can be annoying, but paying a little bit here and there to avoid major repairs is entirely worth it. If you have an older car, you can extend its life every day by taking care of it.

Maintaining your car is an absolute necessity. You need to be proactive about it or you could end up paying big money for a big problem. Here are 12 tips to help you take care of your car so that you can avoid the high cost of repairs.

Always Keep A Clean Battery

Be wary of corrosion. It can form on the terminals of your battery and make it malfunction. If you don’t keep them clean, the battery could develop a crack and you would be stranded. A wire brush is a small investment that can save you from getting stranded and spending even more money.

Replace Your Worn Brake Pads

You’re driving down the street when you suddenly hear a squeaking sound from your brakes. This could mean they’re on their last legs. You might have to spend a moderate amount on new brake pads and you might also need to pay someone to install them if you don’t know how. This can be a big financial burden, but it’s worth it in the long run. If you don’t replace your brake pads, you could rear-end someone and cause them serious injury.

Check Your Spare Tyre Routinely

It’s just as important to keep the backup tyre inflated as it is to the four tyres under your car. The last thing you want is to discover your spare is flat while pulling the jack out of your trunk. That’s when you’ll need to call a tow truck—which can run you thousands of dirhams. Spending a few dirhams on an air pump to inflate your spare is better than spending thousands on a tow truck.

Change Your Car’s Oil Every 10,000Km

How much can your car’s oil affect your budget? Oh, plenty. Oil problems can be some of the costliest car maintenance issues to fix since oil affects a lot of your car’s functions. It’s better to spend a little to get the oil changed than to put it off and risk wearing out your engine—which costs a lot more to replace.

Rotate Your Car’s Tyres

Did you know that rotating your tyres can extend their life? It’s true! All four tires on your car do not wear down in the same way. Sometimes the front or back set of tyres can wear down at different rates depending on your car, your speed, and your roads. Rotate those tyres and you can extend their life and save some cash spent for a brand-new set of four.

Replace Your Air Filter

A car’s air filter is pretty important. It keeps pollutants out of the vents while helping to keep the air conditioning system running smoothly. But old air filters can cause problems, so you have to treat your car’s air filter right. Plus, don’t wait too long to replace your old filter. A new one can help your car run better. We’re talking about a clean, efficient engine and a cool, comfortable ride.

Inspect All The Hoses & Belts

Save yourself from a big repair bill. Check your belts and hoses before they break. If you notice worn-down belts or leaky hoses, replace them immediately before they cause problems for other parts of your car. For example, if a belt breaks, it could damage the engine. If a radiator hose breaks, the engine will overheat and stop running at all.

Suspension Inspection (Shocks, Struts & Springs)

One of the most important parts of your car is its suspension system. If it stops functioning properly, it can turn your smooth drive into a bumpy, scary, nauseating roller coaster ride. We all take for granted that our shocks will last forever, but the truth is that they will eventually wear out. The good news is that you can replace them all at once. The bad news is that you’ll have to spend some money, but that’s the cost of safety

Replace Worn-out Windshield Wipers

It’s a small price to pay for something so important. The wipers on your car are probably the most important part of your car. Without them, you can’t see the road, which makes driving nearly impossible. Make sure to buy high-quality wipers. They’re not cheap, but it’s worth it to have a clear view of the road.

Check Your Car’s Coolant Regularly

Let’s talk about coolant. It’s a step in the car’s upkeep that many people overlook. This fluid is essential for everything from heating and air conditioning to the radiator and water pump. But when it comes to changing your coolant, there are some serious consequences. If you don’t stay on top of changing your coolant, you run the risk of serious corrosion inside your car.

Replace Your Car’s Spark Plugs

In the world of cars, spark plugs have a reputation. They’re the one car part everyone seems to know about and that’s because they’re important. In fact, they’re so important that if you have engine trouble, one of the common reasons (and fixes) is a bad spark plug. Since engine work is so expensive, swapping out a spark plug is a small price to pay for avoiding an engine overhaul.

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